Month: January 2014

  • I’ve Been Derelict

    …in tending to my Xanga duties.

    Basically,  I think I stopped updating when I moved to Geneva, which is totes not cool because it’s been the most interesting part of my life so far.

    The internship is going well. I wish I could say that I have a higher opinion of the UN than I do…but, I better understand it’s structural challenges.

    Also–I’m convinced that there needs to be a radical shift away from the tradition notion of state sovereignty in the social contract of nations. The more I think about it, the less I’m a fan of democracy–not that I have a better alternative, I’m just increasingly less impressed with the status quo.

    Oh, here’s something: everyone here thinks I’m German. I’m very not–but apparently tall quasi-blond people who speak French are automatically German. I guess that’s just life? IDK.

    I still worry about finding a job. The thing is: in about 9 months, I will be a lawyer, licensed to practice in Texas, with a degree in economics and who speaks three languages. Still–I will have to work my ass off to FIND a job. Something about the American belief in education being the “hope basket” of the future is incredibly skewed. When education is an increasingly risky venture, it will only further ENTRENCH income disparity, not alleviate it.

    Sixteen other thoughts that I want to say but won’t.

    I’m typing this in a bar right now and there is a 10-year old across the room. It’s the first time that’s ever happened.

    I’m seriously entertaining the idea of taking a road trip in France next weekend to see the castles along the Loire River. If you have any suggestions/feedback/etc., I’m very opened to them.

    In summary: life is great and sucks. I like where I am right now, but am all too aware that it will end in two months and then I have to go back to real life and I’ll hate it.

    Between now and my next poste (hopefully soon), you cats keep it real.