May 22, 2014

  • Silver Lining

    The clouds today were quite impressive. They were the soft, lofty, puffy kind that seemed one whisper away from a thunderstorm conspiracy. But, despite some ominous signs this morning, it was sunny all day. And it seems unusually cool for May. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it feels like we’re having a proper spring this year!

    I held my eyes up toward the sky for most of the walk home from school. Eventually, though, my neck started feel stiff and I dropped my gaze. I’m back in the classes routine. I’ve started the bar review process. It seems like there’s always something new to do. There are a million things to do or manage with classes, capstones, bar review, planning for a graduation, etc. And, the prize for getting through the next few months is being…unemployed. With huge student debt. And bills. These are the thoughts that linger in my mind.

    Jut like clouds overhead.

    It was nice to see how pleasant the clouds looked today. They’re unfathomably massive, bursting and growing in dazzling fractal complexity at below-freezing temperatures. But, from an earthbound perspective, they still seem soft. And warm. And ephemeral. I guess that’s the beauty in perspective. It changes the understanding of a thing by reassessing its context.

    Hopefully this summer, the clouds will stay up (well) overhead. And instead of them crashing down on me, I’ll perhaps rise up to meet them? At least, that’s what I can pray!

    What’s on your agenda for this summer?

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  • We have a wedding coming up. Our youngest son. Then we’ll have all of our kids married (at least once.) Once that’s done, I plan to just relax.

  • Being out of school is a big transition. Hope it is an easy one – although it will surely be accompanied by a touch of angst…

  • It made me smile to read this post. I love to look at clouds and see beauty in them too. I hope your summer is a very good one. Student loans, God! I am hearing so much about them these days. I wish you all the best with every thing.

  • There aren’t enough cloud gazing days here. Sometimes its the clouds, but most times it’s me, too much to do, too little time.

  • Ah student debts! Don’t worry, once you become a full fledged lawyer, you’ll be able to pay off all of it in no time. :)

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