October 2, 2013

  • Passport in Transit!

    Today I checked the UPS site and tracked my package. My passport (with the visa I need) is on its way! I should get it by Friday. Then, all I need to is to pack and get a flight out.

    Theoretically I can start as soon as the 8th…but that seems a little too soon. But, depending on the travel issue, it’s feasible. There has been some creative itinerary planning (planes, friends’ flight benefits, a train, etc.), but I am finally confident that this internship is a reality. Whoop-whoop! Yeah…that was a double whoop. Deal with it. (Not in an offensive way, but in that way that Lem and Phil said it in that episode of Better Off Ted–if you don’t know this show, do yourself a favor and put in your Net Flix cue.)

    Since the internship is a real deal, I’ve stopped going to classes. I will resume probably in May to finish up my last quarter. Then I’ll be graduated, up to my eyeballs in debt, and unemployed. Hopefully someone will want to hire me? Hopefully? IDK…we’ll have to see. But, really, please hire me.

    In other news, I’ve been really into Gloria Trevi’s and 80s music lately. I’ve discovered that “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s is ABSOLUELY absurd…I think “rock lobster” may be innuendo (per Urban Dictionary), but I’m not sure. So, if anyone alive when that song came out, lmk if you think there’s any innuendo there. (Note: Rock Lobster actually came out in 78 or 79…not really the 80s, but close enough). Interestingly, a part of the instrumental in “Rock Lobster” sounds a lot like the instrumental part of Shakira’s “Escondite Ingles.” It’s an interesting comparison.

    If you have any other recommendations for songs that are of the same general nature of the B-52s music, I’d love to hear’em (possibly without the dolphin calls, though). In the mean time, keep it real! I’m sorry, I don’t know a more appropriate way to end that. Again, deal with it. (Again, in the Lem and Phil Way)

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  • Graduation is an excellen point but after a job is to find . And we not always find it in the field of the graduation; It is not automatic and we have to seize any job even if it is not close of our studies.

  • Hooray for package with visa!

  • Congratulations! I hope the internship is as good or better than anticipated! As for music – try The Cranberries. Some of their early stuff is awesome.

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