October 16, 2013

  • I Have no Idea What I’m Doing

    At least it feels that way. And the austere looks from the people around me speaking over each other in German don’t help the situation.

    I “started” my internship Monday. But, I didn’t do much that day. Today, however, I got my identity/security badge and had real assignments–despite a late start because I arrived at the gate without my passport and had to ride the two buses back home to get it…and then ride them fro again. I think I used “fro” correctly there. If not, please advise.

    Then, I got lost in the buildings…again. The thing is a freaking maze.

    It appears that I shall have an office–but it’s WAY far away from everyone else in this section. I think a very real part of my job is to occupy real estate in the never ending quest for office space within the Palais…I guess that’s the way it goes. I don’t mind though. It’s on the ground floor, but it does have a window. And I have an office mate–he seems to be British. The worst part, as you can imagine, is trying not to get lost between “my” office and the rest of the offices. For the rest of this week, though, I’ll be occupying the desk of someone who is out sick for the week. So, here’s hoping she didn’t leave any germs lingering at her desk!

    I’m relieved to learn that there is a more-significant legal aspect to what I’ll be doing than I thought. Basically, the people in this section are working within contracts that have to comply …there is a Legal Affairs Office, but they are in New York and not always available or are otherwise busy. They’re hoping to be able to draw on my legal background–BUT! I have no experience in employment or really anything in commercial law, which I think are the areas most directly implicated. It makes me more than a little anxious.

    So, I was happy to return home today.

    I’m still having to adjust to people talking around me in a language that I can’t even identify (all the Scandinavian and Germanic languages sound the same to me–and I have no idea what it is). Plus, it’s not uncommon to hear someone speaking an Asian language…and I just don’t understand. For me, that’s a big, interesting deal. But, for now, it is bed time. Maybe I’ll dream that someone is telling me what to do in German. Hashtag–nightmare.

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