October 17, 2013

  • Sometimes I think It’s Cool that I Speak Three Languages

    Then I remember that I’m fitfully awkward in ALL of them.

    So, tonight there was supposed to be a city-wide interns drinks social. I arrived “fashionably” late (mostly just logistically late). There had also been drinks at the end of the work day for another intern who was in her last week. Interestingly, she was also from the States–and Texas no less! Anyway, there was a little (and really only a little) wine and some terrible drink called “pastis.” The accent falls on the second syllable and the “a” is pronounced /ah/, so no stripper jokes!

    By the time I started for the bus, I was already feeling a little tired. But, I had resolved to go to the event in an effort to meet people. It didn’t work.

    After a whirlwind trip back at my sister’s (upset babies, mid-diaper-change leaks, eating too much, etc.), I changed my clothes and set off again. I arrived at the bar relatively easily. I ordered a drink…and then thinks slid down hill. NOT because of the drink, mind you. But, because I have zero conversation skills.

    I tried to pick a non-threatening group of people to interject myself into. You can’t easily maneuver yourself into any group of 2. So, I looked for groups of three or more. I picked one…they were a group of interns from CERN–way too smart for me. We would have nothing in common. I made the mistake of saying that aloud.

    Then, thoroughly embarrassed, I found a table where I finished my beer alone…and played 4 Pics 1 Word because you don’t need a WiFi connection. All told, I was in the bar about 20 minutes. It felt like a freakin’ eternity.

    On the way home I passed through the red-light district. There were literally red lights there, which made me smile. Then I thought of the terrible life sex workers must have. Then I stopped smiling.

    What’s your most awkward introduction or bar experience?

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  • Since I don’t go to bars (never have) I don’t have one. Now I did go on a blind date in college… His name was Clive and he liked toy trains. He took me to the RR club where for an eternity I watched toy trains go around and around a track. His only words to me were “Do you want to drive the train?” and “Toot Toot!”

  • Ahhh gotta luv random awkward pub crawls and i so wanna try that drink ‘pastis!’ :P

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